About US

MoGen Lubricating Oils

MoGen Lubricating oils, is a factory based family business. Here we’re not just about providing our customers with top-quality oils and lubricants, but also superior customer service.

From top-to-bottom, we strive to help our customers worldwide use the right product, deliver it on time, and to answer any questions they may have. For now our production capacity is about 20,000 tons of oils a year.

We understand that you have customers with demands, so we take the responsibility of being efficient and on time very seriously. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of branded lubricants, you can count on us to make sure you are taken care of.

With a dedicated team and quality products, we accept to provide our clients with oils and lubricants on their own brands . Our lubricants are manufactured with high-quality base oils and additives. We have expanded our chemical product line to create innovating cleaning chemicals and compounds that remove all varieties of residues and dirt.

Our Company

Experienced Workers

Most of our workers have over 10 years’ experience

Automatic production facilities

High capacity gurantees deliveries on time

Manufacturing Scale

One of the qualified supplier in north China.

our story

Our Story & Secret Of Success

We listen to our customers and take actions.

june 2003
  • when we opened for Business

We started from a little factory with only 2 employees. 

april 2009
  • our first commercial project

We received a big order from a famous Chinese group company. 

july 2015
  • Focus on overseas Business

We started to focus more on overseas business. 

Dec 2022
  • Reached a new height

We exported over 30 countries in the year 2022. 

countries exporting

Professional Exporter

We manufacture lubricating oils of premium quality.

Specializes in the manufacture of various lubricating oils. We are one of the major lubricating oils exporters from China.

Genuine Maker!

We have our own research and manufacturing plant.