719# machinery brake fluid

719 Machinery Brake Fluid


Packages 4kg, 800g

Special Brake fluid for construction machinery  719#

Product Features:

This product is a polyether type, borate ester synthetic brake fluid.

This product conforms to the American FMVSSNO.116DOT3 standard and GB12981HZY3 standard.

Excellent anti-rust ability and good rubber adaptability, do not corrode the vehicle braking system and various metal parts.

Excellent high temperature gas resistance and low temperature fluidity, high temperature no gas resistance, low temperature non-condensation.

Scope of application:
It is suitable for loaders, forklifts, road machinery and other construction machinery and trucks with hydraulic brakes.

Main quality indicators:

Equilibrium reflux boiling point (°C): Not less than 205°C

Wet boiling point (°C): Not less than 140°C

Kinematic viscosity (-40°C) mm/s: Not more than 1500

Packing: 4kg, 800g