Machinery hydraulic transmission oil 8#

8# hydraulic transmission oil

Packages 18L, 16L, 4L, 3.5L

8# Special hydraulic transmission oil for construction machinery

Product Features:

Good viscosity and temperature performance, effective transmission of kinetic energy; Excellent low-temperature fluidity and low-temperature start-up; Good abrasion resistance and suitable friction; Good shear stability;

It has good adaptability with sealing materials.

It is suitable for the hydraulic transmission system of Longgong, Xiagong, Liugong, Lingong, Lovol, XCMG, Shantui, Shangong, Chenggong and other construction machinery.

It is also suitable for agricultural machinery, off-highway construction equipment, as well as differentials, hydraulics and power steering.

Executive standard: GB/T 7631.2-2003

Packages 18L, 16L, 4L, 3.5L