CF-4 K200 high pressure full synthetic diesel engine oil

high pressure full synthetic diesel engine oil

Packages 18L, 16L, 4L, 3.5L


Product Features:

K200 has been certified by many international engine factories and is suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty, high-pressurized, high-power container transport vehicles, construction vehicles, generator sets, large agricultural machinery and equipment, mining, construction and other engineering equipment.

Meets the lubrication requirements of engines equipped with Euro VI (China V) discharge devices. Meet API CF-4, ACEA E2 and other specifications. Efficient cleaning ability reduces carbon deposits, keeps the engine clean and reduces body wear.

Add high-performance anti-wear agent, effective anti-wear ability to extend engine life.

Excellent viscosity temperature performance, long-lasting viscosity retention ability, and small viscosity change during use.

Good alkali number retention ability, strong corrosion resistance, and excellent oxidation resistance under high temperature and high load. It meets the requirements of China V emission engines and is suitable for fuels with different sulfur contents.

Executive standard: GB11122-2006

It is suitable for low-emission, heavy-duty diesel vehicles with advanced technologies such as EGR and SCR, and is more suitable for vehicles equipped with DPF, especially for urban logistics and long-distance trunk logistics vehicles, and can also be used for off-highway industries such as mining, construction, agriculture and other construction machinery.

Packages 18L, 16L, 4L, 3.5L