CI-4 K500 high pressure full synthetic diesel engine oil

high pressure full synthetic diesel engine oil

Packages 18L, 16L, 4L


Product Features:

K500 is specially designed for exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and turbocharged engines. It has excellent smoke tolerance and effectively avoids problems such as wear, oil thickening, and oil supply difficulties caused by it. It is ideal for installing Euro V/ Engines with National VI emission devices provide strong lubrication guarantee.

Excellent smoke tolerance ability to avoid wear, oil thickening, oil supply difficulties and other problems caused by smoke. Excellent cleaning and dispersing performance, reducing sediment formation and keeping the oil filter clean.

Excellent anti-wear performance, reducing wear on engine cylinder liners and bearing parts.

It is suitable for engines of domestic imported or joint venture brands such as Volvo, Daimler, Cummins, MAN, etc., and requires the use of ClI-4 grade engine oil. It is suitable for use in various high-end diesel engines with high clean and low emission requirements at home and abroad, and is suitable for use in engines that meet the National VI emission requirements. It is suitable for use on heavy-duty vehicles with harsh working conditions, and is suitable for use on urban heavy-duty public transportation vehicles and passenger vehicles.

Packages 18L, 16L, 4L