CJ-4 K700 high pressure full synthetic diesel engine oil

high pressure full synthetic diesel engine oil

Packages 18L, 16L, 4L

high pressure full synthetic diesel engine oil

Product Features:

  • K700 uses an optimized ratio of high-performance clean dispersants to effectively disperse smoke and sediment, control the generation of engine sludge and piston ring deposits, and keep the engine clean.
  • Excellent thermal stability and oxidation stability, inhibiting the formation of low-temperature sludge and high-temperature deposits. Excellent anti-wear performance and friction reduction effect, effectively extending engine life.
  • Advanced low-sulfur, low-phosphorus and low-ash formulas extend the life and improve the efficiency of various exhaust gas post-treatment devices. Excellent acid neutralization and TBN retention performance, strong anti-oxidation and thickening ability of oil, long oil change period.
  • Low evaporation loss, effectively reducing engine oil consumption. Good rubber compatibility, effectively protects sealing materials and prevents leakage.
  • Applicable to all advanced diesel engines, including new environmentally friendly diesel engines equipped with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems or with particulate filters (DPF) and selective catalytic converters (SCR).

It is suitable for various imported or domestic high-end high-speed diesel engines and commercial vehicles that meet the modern low-emission requirements of the latest Euro V/National VI emission standards. It is suitable for low-speed diesel engines in mining, construction, engineering machinery, etc., and can adapt to the lubrication needs of high-sulfur fuel.

Packages 18L, 16L, 4L