DOT4 plus Brake Fluid

Brake Fluid

DOT4 plus

Packages 1000g

Synthetic Brake fluid

dot4 plus brake fluid

Product Features:

Excellent low-temperature fluidity, the response time of the brake disc is shortened by 30% at low temperatures;

High boiling point of dry and wet, no gas resistance at high temperature, to avoid brake failure;

Good compatibility with all materials of the braking system; Selected lubrication components to reduce system wear;

Excellent thermal stability and chemical stability, ultra-long service life, to ensure safe and stable braking.

DOT4 plus high-performance brake fluid is suitable for the braking system and clutch system of various racing cars, autos, commercial vehicles and other vehicles using hydraulic brakes, and can meet the requirements of vehicles in hot areas, mountainous areas, cold regions, severe cold areas and other climatic conditions.

Packages 1000g