Multiple effects Coolant, blue label, Packages 18kg 9kg

Full effect coolant for engine system

applicable in all seasons

Packages 18kg, 9kg


Anti-freezing, anti-rust, anti-boiling, anti-mildew, anti-scale, anti-foaming, anti-cavitation, anti-cavitation

Product features:
Derived from the gold combination formula of GS laboratory in Germany, it is suitable for all kinds of imported and domestic high-end cars, light vehicles, etc.

It integrates anti-freezing, anti-boiling, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, anti-scale, anti-bacteria and other functions, with excellent quality and reliable performance, effectively protecting the water circulation cooling system of various engines and maintaining good heat dissipation function.

Fully ensure the normal operation of the engine in severe cold weather.

Packages 18kg, 9kg