OAT Coolant 4kg 1.5kg packages

OAT Coolant

Packages 4kg, 1.5kg

oat Coolant

Anti-freezing, anti-rust, anti-boiling, anti-mildew, anti-scale, anti-foaming, anti-turbidity, anti-cavitation

Product Features:

The high-efficiency, long-life, environmentally friendly and multi-functional organic engine coolant created by international advanced OAT technology is suitable for all kinds of cars, trucks, construction machinery and industrial engine water cooling systems, with a service life of up to 3 years or 200,000 kilometers.

Excellent heat exchange performance and anti-freeze performance, providing long-term and efficient protection for engines, radiators and water pumps.

Excellent high and low temperature stability and hard water compatibility, better compatibility with rubber and sealing materials, and prolong the service life of non-metallic materials.

Packages 4kg, 1.5kg