Turbine oil

Turbine oil has multiple industrial applications. It lubricates air and gas compressors, as well as all types of hydraulic devices, bearings, reduction equipment, and Kaplan turbine runner bosses.

In addition to its advanced lubrication properties, turbine oil provides efficient cooling and protects the system from sludge, rust, and corrosion.

Turbine oil is often classified according to the turbine type, such as gas turbine oil, steam turbine oil, etc.

Packages 208L, 200L, 18L

items names ISO  viscosity grade Kinetic viscosity Viscosity index Pour point Flash poire Application
mm²/S(40 ℃) mm²/S(100 ℃)
turbine oil Walous1 32 31.86 5.64 117 -24 226 Formulated with superior quality hydro-treatednbase stocks and possess exceptional thermal and oxidation stability,excellent demulsibility, air release property, recommended for lubrication of steam, gasnand hydraulic turbines.
Turbine oil Walous2 46 44.65 6.9 111 -24 230
Turbine oil Walous3 68 65.7 8.9 109 -21 234


Packages 208L, 200L, 18L